One-Red DVD Disc and DVD Player license programs

Key DVD and CD patent owners have pooled their essential DVD and CD patents and make those patents available on non-discriminatory terms and conditions through One-Red. One-Red promotes a level playing field through license compliance management and intellectual property enforcement activities which encourage trade in properly licensed products.
Manufacturers and/or brand owners that make, import, use, sell or offer to sell, stock or keep stock of or otherwise dispose of DVD products that conform to the DVD standard specifications and any of the CD Audio or ROM standard specifications applicable to DVD products, and that use any of the essential patents licensed, are only allowed to do so with the consent of the owner(s) of such patents.
One-Red DVD Programs

Since July 1, 2012, One-Red launched new DVD Disc and DVD Player license programs. These license programs offer manufacturers and brand owners of DVD Discs and DVD Players the opportunity to obtain licenses for the patents of LG, Philips, Pioneer and Sony at lower royalty rates than previously available. The new program for DVD Discs covers essential patents of DVD technologies, while the program for DVD Players also includes essential patents related to Compact Disc Audio and ROM technologies. Here is a list of programs available:

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